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Accepting sonnets for the 2020 anthology

Rhizome Press is a Bowker listed poetry press currently focused on books of formal selected or collected poetry by individual poets, occasional books of free verse, and anthologies featuring contemporary formal poetry. Rhizome does not publish chapbooks or translations. Sometime in 2020 the press will publish an anthology of sonnets, and future plans include an anthology of formal poetry written by women and anthologies of formal poetry written on specific topics and themes. Beth Houston serves as poetry editor.

Rhizome's preference is traditional or nonce forms with close attention to vivid imagery, precise and nuanced language, musicality (in addition to rhyme and meter), and clear meaning/s. Surprise, humor, modern themes, and radical content are encouraged. Re-visions of mythic and religious themes and political perspectives are welcome, but preaching and harangues will not be considered. The main priority for Rhizome Press is writing excellence.

At the moment, books by individual poets are being considered by invitation only, but there is open consideration of sonnets for the anthology.

Sonnet submissions:

You may submit up to ten sonnets numbered sequentially followed by a brief bio in the body of a single email with "sonnets, [your full name]" as the subject heading. For the sake of the editor's security and sanity, emails containing attachments, links, images, or more than ten poems will be discarded without being read. Your poems will be considered for publication as-is, so be sure your work is polished before submitting. Sonnets may be previously published and may be published elsewhere at any time if accepted for the anthology.
Surface Rhizomes of German Iris. The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening: A Practical and Scientific Encyclopedia of Horticulture for Gardeners and Botanists. Edited by George Nicholson, of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published by L. Upcott Gill, 170, Strand, London, W.C., 1887.
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